Private Reformer & Exercise Rehabilitation

Private Appointments

In our tailored 55 minute Private Pilates Classes we can give you all the attention and support you need to work on your own goals and requirements. 

Private Classes are great if you’d like a bit more TLC and time to work through things.

If you would like to bring a friend, our Semi-Private appointments are a great option. 

They are also the best option for you if you are moving through injuries, conditions or have particular concerns.

If you are looking for a general private appointment, you are welcome to schedule time with any of our instructors on the timetable.

If you are working through specific injuries and / or conditions, please schedule a time with Holly Cahill, our in-house exercise rehab specialist.

Once you download our app, you will see our private appointment availability in our timetable.

If you can’t find a time that suits, please reach out to us by email with your preferred instructor, day and time and we’ll get back to you soon –

Exercise Rehabilitation

An exercise rehabilitation programme with Lifted can provide a permanent fix to exisiting and old injuries are are a great option for those with special conditions.

Our sport science exercise specialist offers customised programmes for clients who require rehabilitation from musculoskeletal, neurologic, and cardiovascular conditions and bring in the skills and knowledge necessary to offer Pre & Post Rehabilitation Exercise services to our clients.

Book in with Holly today to so she can help you to:

  • Develop and implement exercise programming and testing for clients with disease and disability as well as those coping with multiple conditions or injuries.
  • Arrange a safe, effective, and structured exercise program for clients while working to improve quality of life and activities of daily living
  • Engineer specific symptoms of a disease or disability into an effective exercise testing or programming prescription
  • Identify and instruct on the practical application of exercise programs in the management of a variety of chronic medical conditions
  • Construct an exercise program to minimise low back pain and improve overall core strength
  • Design an exercise program around orthopaedic limitations due to knee, back, shoulder, and other types of common injuries

Please choose our location below and view Holly’s availability for private appointments. 

We’re here to help, just send us a message if you would like a hand.

Or get in touch so that we can help you make a booking

We have to check your vaccine passes at the moment. Please ensure you have yours prior to making a purchase or booking. If you cannot show a vaccine pass, we would love to welcome you into Lifted when we reach the green level