Our Ethos

Lifted was born from an intense love of movement and helping other’s look and feel their best selves in a safe fun and supportive environment.

Each of our instructors relate with movement being a practice that helps them to grow as people, as teachers and with you.

At Lifted we provide a modern approach to Pilates, Barre and TRX group classes and are proud to offer sessions that are enjoyable, challenging and keep you on your toes.

Our class styles combined will leave your body and mind feeling balanced, and provide a complete exercise routine covering all of the desired area’s including mind to body connection, toned muscles and weight loss, low impart cardio, better posture, and a better feeling body to live in.

Established in 2018, we are lucky enough to work with the best clients in town. Our studio has an incredibly positive vibe and has been the moving force that has formed many new relationships within the community of Raglan & Hamilton.

We would love to meet you soon and help you to immerse yourself in our classes to transform your body, mind and spirit.

Happy bodies are better bodies, and that’s exactly what we specialise in.

Our Team



Owner. Pilates, Barre & TRX instructor

Eden has been teaching mat and reformer Pilates for 9 years along with Barre and TRX.

She studied her Pilates certification with STOTT Pilates when she lived in Perth and is qualified through STOTT in both mat and reformer Pilates. She has also trained with BASI Pilates in the comprehensive course and has worked with all of the pieces of Pilates equipment.

She initially found Pilates through a rehabilitation programme that helped her to overcome injuries and rebuild strength and fell in love with the practice. A few years later, looking for a change in career she completed her courses and started teaching her friends, flat mates and co-workers before gradually building her new timetable and making her way into a full time position in Pilates, barre and TRX instruction in Australia.

In 2018 Eden and her partner Raph moved home to NZ to be closer to family and together, opened Lifted Raglan.

Her vision for Lifted is to create a vibrant and welcoming Pilates focused studio that offers her clients a space to connect with themselves, the other clients who come to Lifted and the trainer that she chooses to employ.

Her goal at Lifted studios is to redefine the ‘old school’ approach to Pilates and loves to inject energy into the classes at Lifted by using carefully selected playlists for atmosphere and adding in those few extra pulses at the end.

When you’re in Eden’s class, she wants to make you feel important and valued, because you are. She enjoys teaching you about what you are doing and why during class, and feels that giving her clients this knowledge not only empowers them to make their own choices and get what they need out of her classes, but also keeps them focused and coming back for more.

She doesn’t shy away from hands-on adjustments when needed and likes to keep the room flowing together. Expect a couple of ‘dad jokes’ along the way.

She feels that the most important thing for you during your time in the studio is that you are moving your body and feeling good about doing so.

Eden is soon starting up with Wintec in Hamilton to study a degree in sport and science exercise, which she plans on using in order to better her teaching for her clients, and in the future help to teach other teachers to become great Pilates teachers. 

She loves to work with her staff members regularly on professional development so that her team is cohesive and holds a tight bond.

When she’s not in the studio, she is often on the road with Raph who is a musician, traveling and keeping him company at his shows, having girls weekends away to some of NZ’s nicest wineries or having a quiet night at home in Raglan with a few treats and movies.


Pilates, Barre, TRX instructor

Malin has been teaching with Lifted for 2 years now, and has beautifully helped to build our Pilates community in Raglan with Eden. 

She was one of the first instructors to step into teaching with Lifted and has grown into a valuable, knowledgeable and very caring instructor, friend and Pilates fanatic over the years.

She first discovered Pilates as a client at Lifted in Raglan and was approached by Lifted to become a teacher. Her bright personality and care for everyone around her felt like a great fit for our buddint team here and our ethos.

Malin studied her Reformer Pilates training through STOTT PIlates and received her certification in 2020. She is also a qualified Total Barre instructor, TRX instructor, pre and postnatal Reform Fitness NZ certified and is currently preparing for her certification with The Method NZ barre training.

She is originally from the beautiful Swedish countryside, she eventually travelled the world and settled in Australia back in 2015, where she met her partner, Simon fell in love and eventually moved to Raglan NZ!

Her family, still back in Sweden, have always been very active and very outdoorsy which has left its imprint on Malin and helps to sculpt the way she likes to enjoy her time now. On the weekends she and Simon are often off on road trips and adventures to enjoy the great outdoors, in particular, downhill mountain biking, SUPPING, or just getting out for a hike.

She believes that movement should be fun! And that you should be looking forward to your choice of exercise and is therefore so grateful to be a part of your happy place. She particularly enjoys programming classes that she knows her clients will enjoy and loves to be a client in reformer class. She loves the versatility of the reformer and endless possibilities it provides so that her exercise never gets boring.

When you sign into Malins class you are sure to feel at home. 

It’s her intention to look after you and ensure you are feeling welcome, having fun and loves to pass on her infectious positive energy during your sessions.

You can expect a fun and challenging Pilates class from Malin, she likes to incorporate Pilates TRX and barre elements into all of her classes, and loves to sprinkle elements of coordination and balance into her classes to keep you strong and able.

Malin’s current goal in the Pilates industry is to continue to grow as an instructor, continue to educate herself and continue to share her knowledge to empower and help anyone that steps into her class.With on-going education a priority for Malin, you can rest assured that her skill will continue to grow and your classes will continue to progress.


Exercise Rehabilitationist, Pilates and TRX instructor

Holly has been teaching Pilates for almost two years and is certified with Polestar Pilates. 

She has been in the movement industry for 5 years and has been helping people move and feel good since. 

Holly started off teaching yoga and then transitioned into teaching Pilates after being a client here at Lifted. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise science, with her majors in rehabilitation, and is now a student of Clinical Exercise Physiology. 

She is a qualified Polestar mat and Reformer Pilates Teacher and holds a certification in yoga and TRX instruction. She also works with functional movement.

Her rehab background shines through in her classes with an alignment and educational focus with clear and concise cues to increase body awareness. 

Holly likes people leaving her class feeling like they know their body that little bit better than when they arrived. 

Her mission is to offer a safe environment for special population clients and to enable them to discover capabilities that they never thought they had. 

She gets such a buzz when she sees clients go from pain, to pain free, which can improve their quality of life in all areas. 

Holly is continuously taking part in courses and workshops to increase her level of knowledge and to be the best  instructor she can be for her clients. 

She plans to complete her comprehensive pilates training in 2022 to enable her to delve deeper into the rehabilitation and movement world. 

In her spare time you can find Holly geeking out and reading about the latest research in exercise science and taking part in workshops and courses.

Last but not least, when she has spare time she’ll be hanging out with her partner Chris and huntaway Bindi at their home in Raglan.

She loves the beach, taking weekly cardio classes with one of Raglan’s fitness trainers, Rambo, and has a secret talent for making the most delicious and luxurious cakes, which she happily makes for special occasions for her friends and family


Pilates & Barre instructor, Nutritionist

Bonnie has been apart of the team at Lifted Hamilton since the day we opened,

She has a beautiful way of making her clients feel empowered and keeps her classes light hearted and very enjoyable.

She has been teaching Pilates for nearly a decade and is a qualified Mat, Reformer and Studio equipment instructor along with Total Barre. She did all of her training with STOTT Pilates and plans to continue to learn with them in the near future. She is also a qualified Nutritionist and is studying Naturopathy with the University of Dunedin (a very busy lady)

When you are in Bonnie’s classes, you can expect to hear the latest pop tunes and for the atmosphere to be incredibly vibrant. She loves to focus on teaching her clients about technique, form and best practices to get the most out of their sessions and to have their bodies moving seamlessly. 

She loves that every day looks different in the Pilates studio, so there is always room to grow and learn within the industry. She values the incredible relationships that she gets to build with her clients and the other teachers at the studio and wants to ensure that everyone feels empowered from her sessions while they have some fun.

She (and we) believe it is important to have a laugh while you’re in class and likes to know that everyone is having a good time.

Bonnie is the youngest of four girls, except for her little (fur) brother George (the family dog). 

She has a lovely partner, Nick whom she describes as a mix between Bear Grylls and a serious businessman, LOVES a good coffee and is regularly getting the best out of the great outdoors, adventuring, hiking, road tripping and exploring new places.

In her own time, Bonnie enjoys some meditation, and loves a good Barre class too.

Her overall goal in the health and fitness industry is Prevention! She is focused on preventing the onset of illness and disease through optimal nutrition and effective and safe movement. She would like to specialise in rehabilitation; with a particular interest in spinal health, as well as pre/post natal care.


Pilates, Barre, TRX instructor

Alice has been a lover and client of Pilates and all things wellness since forever,

She is a BASI trained mat Pilates teacher as well as a barre teacher with The Method NZ and is  pursuing further certifications down the track to obtain her reformer certifications and delve into pelvic floor education too.

She has an incredibly calming presence which she projects through her classes, she loves to showcase her love for movement through visual and tactile cues as she guides you through a session that is both challenging and motivating so that her clients leave the studio feeling light and balanced.

She is gifted with the knack of creative class planning and enjoys incorporating a splash of cardio and sculpt into her session if the room calls for it and is always working on keeping a comfortable atmosphere during class with the use of her sunshine-like attitude and funky playlists.

Her goal within the health, fitness & wellness industry is to help to create a positive change in the lifestyles of individuals through movement. She is working towards her goals through her teaching and continuing education, so that she can pass down her knowledge to you in your sessions.

This goal in creating a positive change also reflects into her very own small business, Alivate Activewear.
Alice has been busy with designing and creating an eco-friendly activewear range that is made from regenerated waste and manufactured in NZ for Pilates lovers, yogi’s and anyone who enjoys comfortable soft fabrics that are better for the planet. Pretty impressive we say!

Alice is originally from Tauranga, where she grew up on her family farm, she is the older sister to one and takes every chance she gets to head back over to the mount to see her parents and family and be by the oceanside. She leads a busy lifestyle and works full time as an account manager in a large NZ firm, so getting out into nature, and coming to the studio to make some time for herself is something special to her, so she makes sure to create a positive experience for you when you are in too.

She loves to hit the mat for a Pilates of her own, but reformer always hits better! she’s out and about as much as possible on hikes, beach walks and hanging out with her friends in Hamilton,

Book into Alice’s class to feel Alivated and Lifted for the day!


Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer

Meg started studying her Pilates courses through Polestar at the start of 2021.
She has completed both her Mat and Reformer courses and is aiming to sit her exams next year.

When teaching a class she wants everyone to have fun and feel like they have achieved something!
She loves the vibe of group fitness classes and the social aspect that comes with them.

Meg also has a certification in Personal Training. 
Before studying towards her Pilates certification she was working in a milk testing laboratory and in the mental health sector.

Meg has always had a passion towards health and wellness as she has grown up playing sports, even to a high performance level.
She played for the New Zealand Lacrosse team where she travelled to many countries. Her favourite trip was specifically to South Korea for the Asia Pacific Championship in 2017 where they placed third.
Meg has done much more of travelling on top of this as she completed a Gap Year in 2018 where she travelled to a total of 25 countries.

Her favourite type of Pilates class to attend is one with change of tempos and full body integration exercises.
She also loves the use of props as it can change up the most simple of exercises and add a whole new challenge.

Further down the track Meg would like to do further studies that involve her to specialising in rehabilitation with clients.
This is where she found her love for Pilates as she was once a client who was overcoming an injury and found Pilates helped her regain her strength and mobility.
On top of this, she would like to look into the opportunity of teaching TRX and Barre.

Meg loves going for scenic walks  and swimming at the beach with her dog, Olive.


Pilates instructor

Britt holds a Cert IV in Pilates instruction with Breath Education, Melbourne, where she studied and completed her placement required for her qualifications with two respected studios in Melbourne. 

Later she and her hubby decided to move home to NZ to raise their two gorgeous children, Scout and Sunday.

Britt has an absolute heart of gold and easily lights up a room, when you are booked in for one of her classes, you will leave feeling, confident, challenged and happy. She has a passion for helping women to give back to themselves, especially mothers and love’s teaching people to connect with their body, nourishing it with movement (and not punishing it!). 

She likes to incorporate small amounts of cardio into her reformer and mat sessions when it fits with the flow and doesn’t compromise form and loves a class where she learns something new, is challenged and is taught by a loving instructor who has calm but positive energy.  

“I believe that movement is just as important for your mind as it is for your body. I aim to bring these values into my classes.” she says.

Prior to chasing her dreams to become a Pilates instructor, she worked in the corporate world, based in Melbourne for six years where she worked in a National role. 

Britt takes pride in working hard in the retail sector, and during her time there she achieved some great successes over the years. 

Being the hard working wonder woman that she is, she made the decision to train in Pilates at the same time as working in her high pressure full-time job, but full heartedly believes it was one of the best choices she’s made. 

She is now thrilled to be focusing on teaching and practicing Pilates, which has become a huge passion for her.  

Living locally in Flagstaff, Hamilton, Britt and her husband Jerry, an arborist, run their family owned business together and are raising their two wonderful little kids: a 3-year-old boy named Scout and a baby girl named Sunday. 

Scout loves going on bike rides with his Dad to look for trucks and diggers, and spots to plant trees. Sunday smiles with her whole face and loves crawling underneath the coffee table.   

Her little family loves going for walks and bike-rides, and going out for early morning coffee. Britt enjoys interior design and loves getting crafty with home DIY projects when she can. 

She has also been fortunate enough to travel this beautiful world a lot and hopes to continue to do so, and of course take her family with her on all those adventures. 

Britt’s speciality while she wears her teachers hat is to be engaging and encouraging to women so that they can get the most out of the time that they prioritize for themselves when they’re in Britt’s classes.

 And ofcourse, she loves to programme in  a killer booty session!  

 It’s her goal to be a fantastic teacher who people love to go to. I want to continue to grow my knowledge, and to continue educating myself to be a better teacher and would love to expand her teaching repertoire through future studies and coming along to as many classes as she can squeeze in so that she can continue learning and developing as an instructor.  


Pilates and Barre instructor

Liesel is a fun and kind instructor. She loves people and loves getting to know individuals. She completed her BASI comprehensive course in 2015 as well as an osteopathic massage course in 2016 and a barre course in 2017. Liesel also has experience with fascia release techniques.

When not in the pilates studio she can either be found in nature or at the easel. Art is her passion and she dreams of one day opening her own art studio, she has already done quite a few commissioned pieces and mural contracts.

Her classes are usually relaxed and filled with laughter, although she knows how to make you work.

Liesel would like to complete the BASI Master Program, as well as The MELT Method in the future and then invite you all for a weekend Pilates & Art retreat.


Pilates and Yoga instructor

“I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and hold a registration with an International Yoga Alliance. I am a true wellness enthusiast and passionate about mind and body connection. I like to focus on foundations in order to improve alignment, breathing and mindfulness. I always bring a kind and positive attitude and believe that anything is possible. I completed a Pialtes Reformer Teacher training course with Polestar and pursuing my love for Reformer exercises as the best way to embody fit, healthy and happy lifestyle.”
“I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years in Europe, South America, India and Oceania.  
I received my yoga certification in New Zealand in 2020 and have been teaching privately and in group settings.
I teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles. 
I practice Ashtanga Yoga and Kudalini Yoga. 
I speak 4 languages and lived in over 5 countries.
2021 Completed Pilates Reformer Teacher Training with Polestar Ref#1 and Ref#2.
2022 I will complete PIlater Reformer Teacher Training with Polestar Ref#3.


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