With every class we build strength & mobility while conditioning and toning your entire body.

We offer a well rounded workout for people from beginner to experienced.

Pilates sessions run for 50 mins, Barre and TRX run for 45 mins.

Online bookings are essential.

Under the red and orange light framework, we are required to view vaccine passports upon arrival. We will only need to check once. 

Thankyou for your understanding.

Move, so you can grow


Our Beginners sessions are a great way to start if you are new to Pilates and/or exercise and want to take it a bit slower to get the ball rolling. This session will focus on the foundations and basic movement in a slower paced and informative class. It’s ideal to start with a beginner session and when you feel the want for more challenge, move into our open-level session. If you are unable to find a beginner class time that suits you, please schedule a 1:1 session with one of our lovely instructors, or contact the studio for guidance on best practises for getting started.


Our open level classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced Pilateers. An open level session will give you the tools to challenge yourself as much as you want for the day. Taught with a layered approach to empower our members to listen to their bodies and take what they need from the session on the day. Reformer Pilates takes the principles of Pilates; breath, coordination, focus and alignment and applies it’s exercises to a spring based resistance workout. You will receive a well rounded exercise that will work you from top to toe, our classes will improve your core strength and posture and will not disappoint.


Our Total Body Resistance Training classes will leave you with a welcomed glow. TRX resistance training makes gravity your resistance, so adjusting the difficulty of an exercise is as easy as moving your hands or feet. Here, progression is limitless. Our TRX teachers are all Pilates & TRX trained so the class is taught with a Pilates layered approach, unlike your gym style class. TRX is taught with technique and correct form first so you get the most from your workout.


Our ballet inspired Pilates and dance fitness class doesn't miss a beat. Our ballet barre and mats will make an appearance for this high energy, super fun and creative class. Here we crank up some music and move to the beat, focusing largely on the most requested area's of your body! Trust us, it's addictive and the class will be over before you know it.


Mat Pilates is where the method all started. Our classes are a sure fire way to have you moving, sweating and shaking in no time. We love to incorporate different variations to our core Pilates exercises and often bring out props during class that give you better muscle connections in the most desired areas. Our Mat Pilates is an all levels class, and plenty of regressions and progressions are offered.


Taking elements from both Mat Pilates and Barre (bar) this fusion class is taught as a slower tempo to our regular barre sessions and focuses on the foundations. Designed to be a full body workout with a special emphasis on your glutes and legs, you’re sure to enjoy this workout with fun beats in the background while you build your glow and strength.


Treat yourself to a glowing Pilates Reformer workout tailored especially to the needs of your Pregnancy journey. Emphasis on physical awareness (proprioception), breath and mindfulness means Pilates is a great way for expectant Mums to make sense of their changing bodies, manage stress and strengthen key muscle groups. Currently offered at 12pm on Friday in our Hamilton studio


An open-level reformer session, especially for dudes! Our focus here is to ease your work strains and stresses and provide some quiet time to enjoy with your crew. We'll work to mobilise, stretch and strengthen the entire body using resistance training on the reformer machine.


Led by our in-house sport and exercise specialist and fully trained Pilates instructor who has a special focus and passion for injuries and conditions that start to rise in the golden years, our seniors stability and strength is a great class to build self awareness, strength, balance and light stretch. A low impact and safe way to exercise and socialise at the same time.

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We have to check your vaccine passes at the moment. Please ensure you have yours prior to making a purchase or booking. If you cannot show a vaccine pass, we would love to welcome you into Lifted when we reach the green level