What does the Group Starter Pass Intro Offer get me?

The intro offer gets you 5 classes of your choice (reformer and floor classes) to use over three weeks.

When does the three weeks start?

From the day that you first attend a class – attended classes are defined as, attended, no-shows and late cancels. 

For example, if you purchase your pass on the 1st of the month, and schedule your first class on the 15th of the month, your pass will be active for three weeks from the 15th.

How do I book a class?

In the app, go to ‘Book Now’ and choose your class. Press book and confirm the booking.

How do I cancel a class?

In the app, go to ‘My Schedule’ and swipe left or press the three dots next to the class you wish to cancel, confirm the cancellation.

Emails, texts and phone calls will not be accepted as a form of cancellation. Please use the app and self manage your timetable.

How can I see my past and upcoming bookings?

In the app, click ‘My Schedule’

Can I share my intro pass credits with a friend?

Unfortunately not, this pass is for one person only.

Can I pause my intro pass?

No sorry.

What happens if I book and don’t show up?

This is considered a ‘No-Show’. One credit will be taken from your account.

What happens if I book and cancel a class?

So long as you cancel your class within our cancellation policy, your credit will remain in your account and will be available to use within the three week time period.

What is your cancellation policy?

For classes that start at 6am and 7am on weekdays, and for Saturday Morning classes, our policy is 12 hours.

For all other classes, the policy is 6 hours.

If you cancel within the policy hours, this is considered a late cancellation and your credit won’t be available to book again later. Our cancellation policy applies to all passes and all clients. We don’t reverse late cancellations as a blanket rule to keep things fair for everyone at the studio.

What happens if I use the waitlist and get into class but I don’t come? 

Treat the waitlist as though it is a booking. If you get into the class off the waitlist and don’t show up then this is considered a ‘no show’. For more waitlist FAQ’s –  Please read over our waitlist guide here.

I booked one class and now I can’t book another, what’s happening?

It sounds like you have booked your first class on a certain date then tried to back track dates on the calendar, your pass is active for three weeks from your first booking, so you can’t book before your first booking, or three weeks after your first booking.

I want to sign up to a class pack or membership, how do I do this?

The best way to check everything out and sign up is on our app, or website. Choose the pass you’d like to start using and then complete the purchase in our booking system. If you’d like a hand with anything, or want your membership to start on a certain date, please email hello@lifted.co.nz

The class time’s I want are all booked at the moment, what should I do?

Using the waitlist is the best option! Please click here for waitlist tips and tricks.

Do I need to book my classes, or can I just show up?

Booking classes with us is a must! If you don’t book your class there will be no spot guaranteed for you. We also like to keep an eye on who’s coming so that we have alternative exercises for those with pregnancies and injuries. 

I am pregnant, can I attend class?

Please seek clearance from your medical professional prior to attending classes and let us know by sending us an email to admin@lifted.co.nz letting us know how many weeks you currently are. 

Our teachers can offer alternative exercises for our expecting mama’s. You’re welcome in our classes (excluding TRX) up until your third trimester, when this rolls around we’ll reach out to you with a plan to move forward with. We are flexible with our membership terms for pregnancies and can move with you throughout your pregnancy, ensuring you’re getting what you need.

Check out our Pregnancy & Pilates guide here.

I have an injury, can I attend class?

Please seek clearance from your medical professional prior to attending classes and let us know by sending us an email to admin@lifted.co.nz. Give us as much info as you can on what’s happening on your body so we can take this into consideration when writing a class plan for you.

Our teachers can offer alternatives for common injuries and sometimes will ask you to move onto a different exercise or stretch if what we have planned for the rest of the group will be contradictory for your injury and recovery.

Any other questions? Please email us here: hello@lifted.co.nz