At Lifted, we prefer to give our clients the freedom to book their classes as they please.

We use a booking system that allows us to manage our schedule via an app, or on the desktop. Our booking system is called Mind Body. Once you choose which option you would like to get started with, you will be redirected to the Mind Body website so that you can make your purchase.
You’ll need to follow the simple steps to create yourself an account with Mind Body, which will link you directly to Lifted. Mind Body will ask you to provide a debit or credit card to process the payment, but don’t worry, it’s a completely secure site and is trusted all over the world.
Once the profile has been created, please verify your email address – this is an important step that cannot be missed.

Once your email address has been verified, you can head into the Mind Body app, or website and search Lifted Pilates Raglan.
You’ll notice a tab at the top of the screen, the left hand side will show CLASSES and the right hand side will show APPOINTMENTS.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you run into any issues please contact Eden via email
at eden@lifted.co.nz or give her a call on 027 593 8404

● We only have 6 spaces in each class, so booking your group class or private appointment is
● All payments must be processed via Mind Body, we do not accept cash or eftpos – reach out
to us if you would like to set up a bank transfer system.

● All reservations must be made online and can be booked up to 2 months in advance, or as
close to the session start time as 5 minutes

When booking group classes.
Group class reservations are made in the CLASSES section, and the schedule with available classes
will appear on the screen. Once you find the class you want to attend, click the book now button to the right hand side of the screen.
The first time that you do this, you will need to confirm your phone number, you’ll then need to confirm by pressing the book now button for a second time. You will know you are booked into class because the button to the left hand side will show as BOOKED rather than book now.
When scheduling a 1:1 appointment, Click the section to the top right of the screen that says APPOINTMENTS
Select the appointment type 1:1 Intro – new clients.
Here you can see Eden’s availability and you can select your desired appointment time and make your booking.

Keeping track of your bookings.
Mind Body offers a calendar sync functionality, so that you can automatically place your Pilates bookings into your personal calendar system on your phone or on your computer. You can also view all of your scheduled classes and appointments by logging into the app, clicking on
the profile icon to the bottom right of the screen and viewing your schedule.

Using our waitlist system
When booking in your weekly Pilates sessions, we recommend you plan ahead at least a week so that you can get all of your bookings in.
You may notice that some classes say WAITLIST rather than BOOK NOW. This is because the class is already full. Don’t stress though, our timetable is live and updates itself every time that one of our clients makes a change to their schedule, and spaces in class often become available.
Using our waitlist system is easy, once you register yourself on the waitlist, you will be automatically
put in que.
As soon as someone cancels their reservation for the class that you’re waitlisted on, you will be put into the class, and notified via email.
Please note that our cancellation policy and no show fees still apply in this instance. If you are going
to use the waitlist system, we ask that you keep on track of your bookings and double check your
emails before signing out for the evening if you are on a waitlist for a morning class.

You will have a minimum notice period of 12 hours.

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