Welcome to Lifted Pilates

We believe that movement and exercise should be a source of joy, promoting long-term, sustainable health habits that become your healthiest addiction. 

Our mission is to make fitness fun while transforming your body and cultivating a deep understanding and positive relationship with your own body through top notch Pilates classes.

new client intro pass

As a new mover at Lifted, we invite you to start with our Group Starter Pass!

If you’re new to our studio, this pass is your ticket to explore a variety of class styles and experience the expertise of different instructors. It’s the perfect opportunity to find your groove and determine which classes suit you best. 


5 classes to enjoy over three weeks

Valid for Reformer or Floor-based classes – take your pick

Valid at any Lifted Pilates location

Three weeks starts from your first booking, not from purchase



5 Classes To use Over 3 Weeks

About Lifted

Experience Lifted, your Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and TRX haven in Raglan, North Hamilton, and Hamilton East! Join us for an invigorating exercise journey, cultivating sustainable wellness for an uplifting experience.

Our studio harmonizes mobility, flexibility, strength, cardio, endurance, mindfulness – all under one roof. Beyond a workout space, Lifted thrives as a vibrant community fostering connections and radiating positive energy.

Lifted is its people From exceptional clients to dedicated instructors, we attract individuals exuding goodness, fostering trust and support.

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Let’s Connect. The Lifted Pilates app is the best way for you to manage your schedule and payments at the studio.


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