Can I place my membership on hold?

Yes, to place your membership on hold please email admin@lifted.co.nz with the dates that you will be away. We’ll get back to you during office hours to confirm your membership pause.

While your membership is on hold, your account will be frozen. No payments will be made and you won’t be able to place any bookings.


What does auto renew mean?

All of our membership are set to auto renew. At the end of your initial membership period (3, 6 or 12 months) your pass will automatically renew. To stop your membership you’ll need to email admin@lifted.co.nz to let us know.


How can I see my roll over credits?

Our booking system doesn’t (yet) have a section to show your roll over credits. To figure out how many credits you have remaining, please send us an email at admin@lifted.co.nz 


I want to modify or stop my membership.

Sure thing, please send us an email at admin@lifted.co.nz and let us know what date you wish to change or stop your membership, and if moving to another membership, let us know the term and membership type. Keep in mind that if you are changing your membership before the initial term is complete, our usual cancellation fees will apply, as determined in your membership contract. 


Will the timetable ever change?

From time to time we make adjustments, if a class is too quiet we may change the class style, the time or remove it completely. We will email you to let you know if and when any changes are happening.


A class was canceled or I didn’t make all of my classes this week, what happens?

Your credits roll over, so you can make your class up anytime in the future. Don’t worry, your credit has not been absorbed. Your credits will be available so long as you have an active membership.


Can I use membership credits after I cancel my membership?

When you cancel your membership, it stops completely and all credits will be removed from your account.


Can I see my Membership Contract?

Sure, please email admin@lifted.co.nz and we will forward a copy over to you.


How do I get my ‘Bring a Friend for Free Pass?’

Please ask your friend to make an account in our booking system, once complete, email hello@lifted.co.nz with their email address and we’ll load a freebie on for them to use.


Any more questions? Please forward them over to us at admin@lifted.co.nz