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Class bookings

Classes can be booked for up to two weeks in advance at present. We are working to extend the booking window so that our clients can hold their regular spots further in advance and will let you know when/if we succeed.
Class cancellations
The studio runs on a 6 hour cancellation policy. Please be mindful when booking your classes and cancel your reservations at your earliest convenience if you can no longer attend so that a space opens up for the next person inline. 

To cancel your classes, please use your Glofox app or desktop login.

If a class is booked and canceled within 6 hours before the class starts, a class credit will be lost.

Payments In order to create class reservations, there must be class credits available in your account. To make a purchase please follow the prompts in Glofox. Should you have any issues please get in touch with us so we can help.

If a payment fails for whatever reason, our merchant providers will automatically retry to debit your account for the credits. If there are 3 unsuccessful attempts, someone from the Lifted team will be in touch with you to help.

If you need to update your payment details, please do so in the GloFox app under your account, payments.

Our business name, LIFTED will be displayed in your bank statements.

New clients Trial Pass

Our new client’s trial pass gives you 5 classes to choose from over 3 weeks. You can choose any class from our timetable. During the 3 week trial period someone from Lifted will give you a call and/or an email to check in with you and see if you would like a hand with setting up a class pass or weekly membership.

Class Packs
Class pass expiry dates:

5 pass – 3 months from purchase
10 pass – 6 months from purchase
20 pass – 12 months from purchase

Weekly and Fortnightly Memberships

Our memberships are set up to debit your account on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, as per your preference.

Each week, or fortnight payments will be debited on the same day each week. If you wish to change your payment day please send a request to the studio so that we can help.

Memberships run for a min term of 14 weeks. Once a membership has been purchased, the full 14 weeks worth of credits will be added into your account for use.

The credits are there for you to use as you please; you could stick to your X amount per week, or do less one week and more the following to make up for it.

After the initial 14 weeks, the credits will expire and a fresh batch will automatically renew for you to continue to book with.

Memberships can be increased but not downgraded during the initial 14 week period unless in the case of emergencies or injuries and or medical conditions.

If you’d like to make any changes to your memberships please send an email to the studio and we will make the changes within 5 working days and confirm back to you.

We accept weekly and fortnightly membership payments via Go Cardless, this is a merchant that accepts direct debit from your bank account. Should you wish to sign up to a weekly membership please contact the studio to arrange. Card payments will incur a 2.75% fee per payment.

If at the end of your pass, you have over booked your X amount of classes per week and want to add on a few extra sessions, you may do so using the discounted set pricing for weekly membership holders which is:

$15 per mat, barre or TRX class

$20 per reformer class

Office hours 

Office hours are between 8.30am and 5pm Monday – Friday. Any requests received outside of these hours will generally be attended to during office hours.

Please take a moment to read over our terms and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Please read the following terms carefully. By participating in any class provided by Lifted Reformer Pilates Limited you consent to, and agree to release the company and Instructor from liability according to, these terms. Unless the Instructor notifies you otherwise, this waiver and release will apply to all classes undertaken by you with the Instructor.

You acknowledge that:

you are over 14 years of age;

you understand that the classes are a form of physical activity and that there are inherent risks in undertaking any form of physical exercise;

you have disclosed, or will disclose to the company and instructor prior to the class commencing, any pre-existing conditions that may place you at a higher risk of injury or inhibit your ability to participate in a class, this includes, but is not limited to:

injuries, pain or recent surgery;

pregnancy or if you have recently given birth; or

respiratory or heart conditions or high blood pressure.

you will notify the company and instructor if you experience any pain throughout the class and will immediately stop participating in the class if requested by the Instructor to do so;

based on information you provide, the company or instructor may decide not to allow you to participate in a class, or may require you to provide a medical certificate affirming that you are able to participate in a class before allowing you to join, at the company’s or instructor’s sole discretion;

recommendations or instruction provided by the instructor may not be tailored for your particular skill or ability level and it is your responsibility to assess whether you are able or want to participate in all or part of a class;

you are solely responsible for ensuring that your physical environment is suitable for your participation in any class; and

classes may be recorded for by the Instructor for quality control, as well as promotional purposes. If you do not consent to the Instructor using video or still images taken during the class for promotional purposes, please notify the Instructor.

To the extent permitted at law, you release and hold Lifted Reformer Pilates (and where applicable its, directors, employees and representatives) harmless from  any liability, cost, expense, damages or claims arising from or which may be suffered or incurred in connection with your participation in any classes provided at Lifted Reformer Pilates Limited.

Completing five classes each week as part of the 6 week challenge was an absolute dream, and not one felt like a chore. Eden and every one of the incredible instructors have created a space that allows you to leave any stresses of the outside world at their door. My mind is balanced, my core feels the strongest it has ever felt and returning to the barre has had my legs and booty burning like never before - in the best way of course! I couldn’t recommend Lifted enough, the space and people make you feel so welcome and the classes leave you feeling like you’ve been kind to both your body and your mind. - JENNA
I found the challenge amazing. I have very little time for myself, working a full time job and being mum to 3 busy sports mad teenage boys. But the flexibility of the classes really encouraged me to put myself first. Over the 6 weeks I have noticed my energy levels increase and changes in my body. With every week I felt I could do more in every class. The teachers are all amazing, they truly care and they all took their time with me to support me.The physical and mental changes have been huge. I will definitely continue with lifted and am excited to see further changes in my health and well-being. - HALEY
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Yay, feels so good to complete the 6 week challenge. As a busy mum with 3 young kids I have so enjoyed prioritising some self care, movement and mindfulness. It has been especially good for my core, spine and breathing. All the lovely instructors have been so welcoming, encouraging and patient especially as TRX and barre was new to me. And my kids have even commented that my squishy bits now feel hard 🤣 The Lifted studio is always clean and beautifully presented, such a lovely space to be in. I always look forward to my sessions, enjoy them while I’m there and leave feeling energised and refreshed. Thank you Lifted team, I’m looking forward to my next 6 weeks - CATE
I loved my whole experience at Lifted, I was suffering terribly with anxiety, and I do believe all the classes helped, I battled in the beginning as I was always in a rush and needed to go faster but pilates and yoga slowed me down, every class I seemed to have got a little better, a little stronger and my anxiety has calmed right down. Half way through the challenge I had a terrible experience with a colonoscopy and it aggravated my endometriosis, I could only manage 3 classes that week as I didn’t think I would be so sick afterwards… a week later we lost our cousin to suicide, we waited for him to come to our place that weekend but he never came, we are feeling absolutely broken but I was so glad that I had the classes to go to and the love and support I got from some of the girls in class. So what I am saying is that the challenge kept me going when I really did not want to do anything…. - CANDICE
Lifted has been the best thing that happened to me in 2021! All tutors are just amazing and I wake up every day excited to come to class! - PIP
I really appreciate how the exercises are adjusted when I can't keep up with the others. Keen that everyone in the class is challenged, it just means different things depending on our level - RAEWYN
Eden you are fantastic! Thank you for providing such an awesome service
I’m really enjoying Pilates at the moment and can see and feel a significant strength developing in my core again. I like that they are professionally run, challenging and fun to engage and meet new people. It's inspired me to to look into completing a course for mat. Thank you Lifted!
I had never done any Pilates before coming to Raglan - I so enjoy it and my overall posture and strength increases. Every instructor that I have had to date has been professional friendly non judgemental and welcoming which has made me continue to come - especially as an older client who had never done this before and was anxious - ngaa mihi nui to all of our lovely girls - LOUISA
Just keep up the amazing team you have I love Lifted
Jesse is amazing, such a fun and energetic class. Great for the 🍑
Lovely class! I love Malin's guiding voice, warm and gentle! - ANNA
Fab start to the day as usual! thanks Eden x - KATY
Really hard but really good! Thanks Malin. - RACH
Super fun and invigorating class, the best way to start the day! Thanks Ruby
Such a great way to start the day, the music is uplifting the workout challenging yet restorative, Eden is amazing, listen carefully to the subtle movement alterations to make each move better for your body! Thanks so much lifted x - ANNA
Invigorating class. I love it! - LIZ
Very fun and challenging class! Thanks Eden! - RUSTY
Awesome! Pilates is so good for my body and Eden is a fantastic teacher! Grateful 🙏 - JUNE
I am not the best at getting up at 6am for my 6.30am class with Holly but it’s a great wake up and I feel so ready for the day afterwards. You never regret it! The girls at lifted are super friendly and amped to get you all feeling strong in your bodies. Thank you ladies - LIANA
Loved it!!! Great hard exercises - ANGELINA
Awesome strength workout and rollout tight muscles! Great way to start the day thank you Eden 💃🏻 - JUNE
Booty burner and a bunch of laughs.- KIRI
Awesome class, definitely felt the burn 🔥 - KATE
Ruby runs a creative class and is an awesome teacher. She gives helpful cues and prompts to make sure your technique is right 😊 - KATE
The class is a challenge for me but it feels like a deep core workout that you don’t notice until later. Good instruction from Eden who makes me feel like I can do it. - MOIRA
Excellent class, lovely mixture of moves and easy to follow instructions. Left full of energy. Thanks Jesse! - KATEY
Such an awesome class, can’t believe you can continuously make new moves and exercises! I think I’m up to 50 classes and there’s still new ones! Best start to the day yewwwww! - RACH


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